Why you should Have An Induction Kadai?

Induction cookware has revolutionized the cooking experience in the past few years! Induction technology involves the use of the magnetic current to direct the heat to your pot or pan. One of the biggest benefits of cooking with induction is that it helps you cook faster, easier, and also, cleaning is easy!

If you have an induction but don’t know which kadai to be used on it. Here we will tell you why you should have an induction Kadai and not other kadai!  We will tell you the benefits you get by cooking in induction Kadai!

Benefits of induction kadai over other kadai

Faster meal prep-

When you make use of the stainless steel Kadai over induction, the heat is directly transferred to the Kadai and not just the surface of it. When there is proper heat distribution over the cookware, then the food you are cooking heats up well and boils 50% faster when compared with gas or electric cooktop!

Consistent, delicious results-

Cooking on induction Kadai is becoming highly accepted because then you have full control over your cooking! You can manage temperature more accurately as compared to electric or gas. Better temperature control means your cook won’t be overcooked! Thus, you are able to make tasty food every time!

Easy to clean-

Stainless steel Kadai by Vinod CookWare is compatible with inductions and is easy to clean. The nonporous and smooth surface makes cleaning the vessel after cooking easy. You can use the scrub or use dishwasher machine if you are lazy enough to clean it with your hands.

Low maintenance cost-

It is very easy to maintain stainless steel Kadai. There is no rusting or removal of coating on the Kadai. Since you are cooking on induction there are fewer chances of burning the Kadai from the bottom. Hence, you need not to change your kadai again and again!

No food reactive-

For acidic food, induction Kadai is the safest cookware. Unlike other Kadai’s in which acidic food reacts with the material of your Kadai and gives a false taste. In this Kadai, you can make tomato sauce or lime fish without any risk of chemical reactions or taste of metals in the cooked food.

Durable as well as long-lasting-

No doubt the stainless steel Kadai by Vinod CookWare had great quality and are long-lasting than any other cookware. It does not bend, chip, or warp under any condition. Ceramic or Kadai made with other materials are prone to breaking! But this is not the case with stainless steel kadis.

Therefore these are the benefits and so you must have this piece of cookware in your kitchen! This Kadai is incredibly versatile and allows you to cook almost anything in it. You can sauté veggies or make broth simmer, etc. Also, you can do hassle-free frying and boiling!

When choosing Kadai consider the size, shape, and other factors as per your cooking requirement. Invest in the stainless steel set which gives you long term benefits and the best cooking outcomes!