Why French bread is among the best-tasting bread in the world

As far as bread goes, the French are widely considered to produce the best. To be sure, you may be wondering what makes French bread so unique. To answer this question and convince you to taste our French delicacies, we have opened French Basket. Visit one of our convenient Northern Beaches locations or order with us online to have freshly baked pastries delivered to your house.

  • Enhanced quality flour is used.

We can only make bread with flour. Bakers in France are notoriously picky about the origins of their flour and the types of grains that go into the milling process. Bread made this way is typically softer, heartier, and tastier than bread made elsewhere. Compared to flour from other nations, French bread flour naturally has a lower ash level throughout production. This indicates that the flour contains a higher concentration of grain and a lower concentration of any minerals that may have been removed during milling. The possible flavor differences between baguettes and croissants can be attributed to the varied ash amounts required by these two French pastries.

You may make French bread with any flour, but if you want the authentic flavor, you need to buy it from the best local mills. Here at French Basket, we only use loaves sourced from a reliable French provider, guaranteeing you the fluffiest and tastiest bread imaginable.


Making the dough in the same place as the bread is going to be baked is one of the essential laws of French bread. To call oneself a boulangerie in France without adhering to this fundamental tenet is a crime.

Many eateries in the United States and Australia will make their “fresh” bread dough ahead of time and store it in the freezer. Although this method can produce a tasty and convincing loaf of bread, it cannot compare to the taste of bread baked in a traditional French bakery.

French Basket’s pastries are baked right before your very eyes. Therefore, we bake our bread all day long in small amounts. Doing so makes for exceptionally flavorful and light bread. The end product is delicious and classic; fresh-baked French bread is hard to beat.


French people are particular about the quality of their cuisine and bread. When we bake bread, we give it our all, and our customers can tell the difference.

The yeast starters used to manufacture French bread are one of the characteristics that set it apart from other types of bread. Careful cultivation and maintenance of our starters over a long period results in a dough that ferments to perfection and an exceptionally flavorful finished product. While we can’t reveal every step of this top-secret procedure, we can guarantee that the final product will blow your mind.

The care and affection of the baker are infused into the dough as it is mixed and kneaded—kneaded dough results in fluffy, flavorful loaves of bread. Bread made from dough kneaded roughly is dense, lacks flavor, and doesn’t rise properly. If you slice into one of our crusty loaves, you’ll get a whiff of the love and care that went into making it. Like the French, we take great pride in baking our bread with love and care and bringing that same attitude to our neighbors in Sydney.


The French experience may now be in the comfort of your home, thanks to French Basket bread. This economic crisis has forced changes in the food business, but we’ve taken the chance to rely on time-honored French methods for our daily bread supply. The French bread delivered to your house will have a crisp exterior, a fluffy interior, and a robust flavor.

In conclusion, French bread is incomparable to any other type of baked item, and once you’ve had it, you’ll never want to return it.