What are the Basic Differences Between Montreal Smoked Meat and Pastrami?

In the entire world of the Jewish deli, you will find that pastrami dominates dishes whereas if you take a trip to Canada smoked meat defeats all other preferences of the consumers. Both the smoked meat and pastrami are more or less similar to their taste with general recipes of streamed, smoked and cured but distinctly popular differently with their unique different characteristics. Often, it is genuinely difficult to make out the potential differences between the pastrami and smoked meat not only for the fans of smoked meat and pastrami but for the professionals and experts of the recipes. Get the best-smoked meat from the Jarry Smoked Meat one of the known smoked meat deli in Canada in order to taste and experience the most delicious and flavoured smoked meat in Canada.

The origin of pastrami is traced or linked to a Romanian food product called pastrama which is a thinly sliced and cold smoked and cured meat but not cooked meat. The pastrama is generally made out of pork or mutton and prepared with spices such as pepper, coriander, and paprika. A similar food product in Turkey with the name pastirma is produced out of beef. The pastrama looked more like ham than the pastrami which was extremely popular among the Jews who eventually brought the pastrama to New York and Montreal in the 19th century.

Similarly, the origin of smoked meat is though a debatable topic many believe that the smoked meat is possibly created by Jewish Diaspora either from Eastern Europe or Romania. Benjamin Kravitz, the founder of Bens De Luxe Delicatessen & Restaurant in the year 1910, is believed to be founder of smoked meat. However, there are other names claiming the original first producers of smoked meat such as Herman Rees Roth from New York sold the first smoked meat in his Bristish American Delicatessen store in the year 1908, Itzak Rudma brought the smoked meat in the year 1902 etc.

The primary difference between the pastrami and smoked meat is the cut of beef and spices that are applied in the pastrami and smoked meat. The pastrami in the United States is generally made out of the cut of navel which is similar to the belly. Eventually, because of the denser and fattier nature of navel, the pastrami tastes denser and fattier. On the other hand, Montreal smoked meat uses brisket which becomes stringier and softer.