Two Ways To Improve Team Cohesion At Office Coffee

Employees who enjoy being around each other tend to do better work. True, sometimes it can lead to goofing off, but that’s actually not always a bad thing — would you rather have employees who sometimes goof around but genuinely like each other, or employees who are all business and don’t connect? Job satisfaction often has much to do with how people feel about their co-workers. Here are two ways to help your team connect.

  1. Food, the Great Unifier 

Have you ever noticed how many social events are centered around food? Can you think of many social events that don’t involve food? Beyond sustaining life, humans have found food to be an important part of socialization throughout history. It can be fun to chat around the proverbial water cooler, but it’s far better to chat around the snack bar or coffee maker. If your team is socializing, team cohesion will improve, and good food is something everyone can bond over.

By utilizing a beverage service Pittsburgh PA, you can provide your team with beverages they can be excited about. Good coffee at work can provide many benefits, and it’s a good way to show your employees you care.

  1. Team Building — Without Seminars

Have you ever sat through a team building seminar? Did you feel that it actually made a lasting impact on the team? Often, these seminars feel stuffy and forced; they can just feel like more work. One of the best ways to build a team is by providing natural experiences for them to get to know each other and share an interesting experience. Try to find something anyone on your team can enjoy, such as go-karts or even video games.

If you have a team that is comfortable around each other, they will not only work better, but they will feel more job satisfaction. Many people have stuck with jobs that weren’t necessarily their favorite simply because they loved the team so much. Investing in helping your team have genuine connections is worth every penny.