Things to Consider Before Starting A Sushi Business

When people are asked what delicacy, they like in Japanese cuisine. The obvious answer from food lovers all across the world is Sushi. It is a unique combination of vegetables, raw fish, and rice, which is served with seaweed. Sushi has won the hearts of worldwide connoisseurs and if you are planning to start a sushi business, then there are some things you will need to think about. 

Detailed business plan

Consider every detail in the business plan including the name, equipment needed, number of employees, source of your fish supply, and location. Be thorough in your detail to identify the needed capital. It helps to sell your business plan to investors. 


Before you look for a location determine your business funding feature. If you have the fund, then move on to look for a location otherwise you can apply for loans or sell their idea to investors. For a restaurant busy location is great. Busy areas are the most expensive, so consider locations with little competition, safe, visible, and have sufficient parking area. 

Sushi Machines 

Sushi machines are available in different shapes and sizes. Visit website to look at the variety of machines they sell. They are the first makers of sushi machines and have been in the business for more than 30 years. Below are some special machines you need to consider –

  • The wrapping machine allows pressing nori in the rice and makes an ideal sushi roll. 
  • Sushi roll cutter cleanly cuts maki roll without any mess.
  • Rice ball machine helps to make different onigiri types.
  • Mixer machine blends vinegar and rice well to make the best rice balls and rolls.

For the commercial sector, you will need heavy-duty machines. Sushi machines are beneficial to roll sushi perfectly. 

Preparation supplies

  • Thermal rice warmer to keep cooked rice warm.
  • Rice cooker to make large containers of rick for the sushi. 
  • Fish scale remover to remove fish scales.
  • Fishbone tweezers to remove small fish bones during filleting.
  • Wasabi grater for grating fresh wasabi that is served with sashimi and sushi.
  • Sashimi knives for chopping, dicing and slicing.
  • Sharpening stone to keep knives sharp.
  • Rice paddle to handle rice in a mixer.

The preparation materials must be handy to prepare sushi food. Experts believe that sushi is made of 70% rice and 30% fish, so if rice lacks flavoring it can break the dish. 

Learn how to make sushi

Even if you will hire a chef, it is important to get familiar with the Sushi making process. You will know the variety of sushi available, and the fish source, and best fish types, etc. It will also help to create a delicious menu and offer guests an authentic experience. 

Promote your sushi restaurant

You can use many free marketing tools available online like emails, social media, and promotional campaigns. You can read how to develop an ideal marketing strategy on relevant blogs. 

Hire employees

Ensure to hire good employees and give them training. Hire some experienced employees along with a dedicated and creative chef. The right team also contributes to your restaurant’s success.