TDG Training – What It Is And Who Needs It?

The process of transporting dangerous goods can be very complicated and dangerous too, if not proper safety measures are taken. This is why in order to avoid any kind of chemical spill during the transportation process or any other kind of unwanted situation, the government of Canada has made it mandatory for the workers responsible fr managing the transport process of dangerous goods. The Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) training is aimed to help keep everyone in the team safe during the shipment. When you get TDG online training and obtain a TDG certificate, this indicates that you understand the entire process and the complications involved in moving volatile goods from one location to another. This also ensures that you are eligible enough to take the required step in case of any emergency situation such as a chemical spill at the workplace.

What is the TDG?

The most important part of understanding the whole concept of TDG training is to know what it actually means. The Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Act has been designed for the safety of the worker and public safety during the transportation of dangerous goods by road, air, rail, or water (marine). Since each province of Canada has its own transportation of dangerous goods legislation, it is important that you get a good understanding of your local authority, but a good part here is that most of them generally mirror the Canadian government’s federal regulations.

An important thing to note here is that when you are transporting dangerous goods by road and must use a ferry service at some point, it is mandatory that you ensure checking with the ferry service to see what kind of restrictions they have for transporting dangerous goods on their ferry.

Who needs TDG certification?

Another very common confusion that most people in the industry have is ‘who should get the TDG certification?’ Well, a simple solution for this confusion is that everyone who is responsible for handling goods from one place to another and if the goods fall under the ‘hazardous’ category, is required to have TDG online course. The only exception here is that according to part 6 of the TDG Regulations, you must work under the direct supervision of an individual who holds a TDG certificate. In case you are a supervisor, then it is important for you to take the TDG online training and obtain a TDG certification. But most employers these days will require you to get certified for everyone’s safety. Following is the list of some examples of professions where you could potentially need a TDG certificate:

  • Warehouse manager or supervisor
  • Truck driver or Fleet dispatcher
  • Operations supervisor
  • Logistics coordinator or supervisor
  • Clinical research coordinator (CRC)

If you are someone who falls under the above-mentioned categories, then it is mandatory to get your TDG certification from a reliable source. The training program also ensures that you can take the required step at the time of any kind of emergency at the workplace.