Pros and Cons of Ordering a Customised Cake

When it comes to ordering a cake, there are a few options to choose from: pre-made, ready-to-eat cakes from the store, customised cakes ordered from a bakery, or home-baked cakes. But what makes customised cakes different from the store-bought or home-baked cakes?

A lot of people assume that customised cakes in Singapore are always more expensive than other options. However, this may not be the case – it really depends on what sort of bakery you go to. Some bakeries have standard pricing for all their cakes, while others charge more for custom orders.

Here are some of the pros of ordering a customised cake for your upcoming celebration:

  1. You get a cake that’s truly yours-and only yours.

If a customer does not have an idea of what they want for their special occasion, the bespoke baker can show them pictures from previous customers who had similar needs.

With bespoke cakes, customers can create their very own design. For example: someone might like the colour of one particular cake but not others; they may also want different flavours for filling and frosting–and there’s no limit on how many combinations are possible.

2.You dictate the size of the cake.

They say that there’s no such thing as too much cake, but you’ll be surprised at how many people actually show up to your party with an appetite for something other than eating. Customised cakes in Singapore can come in different sizes and flavours – depending on what kind of celebration you are hosting.

No one likes to be disappointed with their cake, especially if it’s for an important event. But what about when you order something custom-made? Not only can the size vary depending on your needs (some cakes are meant for just three people, others five), but some companies offer different flavours too! This means that after party attendees may well get another flavour of celebration then they originally planned – which will make everyone happy.

Meanwhile, here are some of the drawbacks of getting a customised cake:

  1. The cake can be expensive.

If you’re looking to buy a custom cake for your big event, the price can be quite expensive. Many bakeries will quote prices by slice with complexity of design in mind and certain flavours may cost more than others due their popularity or difficulty creating them.

When you order a cake, it’s not just the ingredients that are expensive – there can also be some initial fees involved. These include flat amounts or percentage-based charges depending on your needs as well as delivery and setup costs for when they deliver or set up at your venue.

  1. The cake can be too fragile.

The fragility of bespoke cakes is a major drawback when it comes to ordering one. If you don’t properly refrigerate your custom-made cake, the frosting will most likely bubble or collapse–and even crack! This can happen not only during long parties but also if someone removes an already frozen piece from their refrigerator and puts them in warm room temperature where they’ll start melting.