Not Enough Time To Bake A Cake? Get A Cake Delivery!

Without a doubt, if there is a special occasion, you will go out of your way to celebrate it. That was my intention, but I was swamped with work and barely had time to plan my husband’s upcoming birthday. Luckily, getting a cake delivery in Singapore saved my day. 

Let me tell you about my initial plan first before proceeding with that. This year my husband will turn 40 years old. My initial plan was to bake him a triple chocolate cake and invite our friends and family to a dinner party, but something came up with work that took most of my time—my promotion. 

My Husband’s Birthday Dinner Party Vs My Promotion

My boss told me there would be a competition. Whoever proposes the best proposal and gets approval from a client will get promoted. Of course, I want that. Those who will get promoted are subject to a salary increase, which will raise my contribution to our monthly income. 

For the past few months, I did my best with research and managing my team, and I was able to write an excellent proposal. At first, I thought it was a flop, but the client took our side. Even though I had great news to share with my husband, I only had a few hours to prepare everything for his birthday dinner party. 

Since I knew everything would be hectic on the day of the celebration, I asked my friends and family if the theme this year would be a potluck. With this, I no longer have to worry about the dishes because our peers will be the ones to bring them to our doorstep. 

The only problem left was the decorations and cake. Fortunately, I asked my boss for a half-day leave so I could buy birthday party decorations, fetch my children from school, and decorate our home. Before I left the office, my boss tapped me on the shoulder and said, ‘You can order a birthday cake online from this Singapore shop!’. 

When I checked out the shop she recommended, I remembered my boss ordered a fresh cream cake for the team Singapore last month for her birthday. Since I enjoyed a slice of that cake, I thought my friends and family, including my children, would love their desserts too. 

Availed Same-Day Delivery 

Luckily, this cake shop offers same-day birthday cake delivery in Singapore. When I described the type of cake I wanted and a lot of other information, they told me that the cake would arrive within two to three hours or less and I had to pay additional charges for express delivery service. 

Cake Quality

The express delivery cake delivery service was worth it because the birthday cake that I ordered arrived in good condition. My guests love it, especially my husband. Even though it was not a triple chocolate cake, as I had planned, Matcha Azuki worked better. 

Do I Recommend Zee & Elle?


Of course, I would! No matter how rushed my order was, they successfully delivered it right to my doorstep. Since my husband and I were impressed by their excellent service, we also planned to get our wedding anniversary cake from this Singapore cake shop. 

Contact Zee & Elleat 6741 4514 (Macpherson Road branch) or 6539 9781 (Neil Road branch) if you are interested in getting a cake delivery for your upcoming celebration.