Making Burgers during Isolation? Try These Three Cheeses!

The coronavirus outbreak has changed our everyday life, but it does not need to change who we are and what we love.Now that we cannot go out and enjoy the burgers in the best restaurants, we can definitely explore our inner cooks that we all have within ourselves.

Yourhome cooking might be getting stale already. So why don’t you cook a little instead of sitting and doing nothing. Making something for yourself is always a good and nourishing act.

If you are planning to make burgers at home, try making burgers with these three kinds of cheese – Hi-Melt cheese, Natural cheddar, and Swiss cheese.

Hi-Melt cheese

Hi-Melt cheese is the heart of the burger, and it pumps up all the other ingredients. Whenever we imagine burgers, we think of the yellow American cheese melting and getting all over our hands, and it is heavenly.

Hi-Melt slices are the perfect cheese to be used in burgers, and no one can deny it. It is the high melting texture of these slices that makes them perfect to be used in burgers.

They don’t shed oil when heated; all they become is ooey-gooey goodness. Most people don’t prefer this cheese slice because they feel unhealthy,but, if you buy high-quality Hi-Melt cheese with lesser additives, you will never let Hi-Melt cheese.

If you are willing to buy American cheese, get it from Pure Dairy. Their Hi-Melt cheese is impressive, and it makes your burger mouth-watering – plus no additives.

Natural Cheddar Slices


If you are not so much into American cheese, then natural cheddar slices can be a healthier option for you. Cheddar cheese is also one of the cheeses that people love to have in their burgers as it does not contain any artificial flavouring. It is just the slices of cheese that are cut from the block of cheddar cheese.

Cheddar has a mild flavour that enhances the flavour of meat very well. When you use cheddar cheese, the burgers are not only about cheese, and you can also taste every ingredient used, which makes cheddar cheese a classic option for burgers.

Pure Dairy natural cheddar slices are the perfect option for you if you are trying to make a super delicious burger with a healthier twist. It is an easy way to ramp up your homemade burgers.

Swiss cheese Slices


Swiss cheese can take your burgers to some another level, the sweet and nutty flavour of this cheese can blend into almost anything, burgers being one of them.

One unique thing about Swiss cheese is its caramelized onion flavour, and it gives a distinct flavour to your burgers. The high moisture contentof this cheese allows it to meltbeautifully.

If you are a burger lover like I am, you must have these three kinds of cheese in your pantry. I prefer getting them from Pure Dairy; they are conveniently packed and remain fresh for a longer time. To purchase cheese slices from Pure Dairy, all you have to do is contact them, and they will connect you with the nearest distributor.