Let Us Get To Know More about Malvani Cuisine

Just in case you were not aware of this, Malvani cuisine hails from the Konkan region of Goa and Maharashtra. There is basically a town by the name of Malvan, which is located in the region of Sindhudurg. 

There are some great Malvani restaurants located in Mumbai itself, of which so many people are getting to discover gradually. The food is so tempting and delectable, that people are starting to uncover this hidden gem of a food. 

If you were wondering where to eat the malvani food in Mumbai then there are some great places to start from. The cuisine consists of a wide array of vegetarian food. However, this cuisine is predominantly non-vegetarian. In most of the traditional Malvani food, dry and wet spices are used wholesomely.

When discussing the best malvani food in Mumbai we cannot miss to mention about fish being quite a popular item in this cuisine. The seafood, on the whole, is quite fiery and it gets a little too spicy too. However, you need to worry much as it’s quite easy on your pallet. One of the famous drinks is the Sol Kadhi which is prepared out of coconut milk and the kokam fruit. It is usually served after a hearty Konkani meal as it is quite refreshing and soothing.

The Solkadhi again marks a very important part of every Malvani meal. The coconut milk is thick and rich along with the tanginess that you get out of the kokum petals. It also brings in a spicy touch due to the presence of the green chilies in it. It s visual appearance is as lovely as it tastes. It is pink in color and is considered as quite an effective digestive drink.

Malvanis dishes as stated before have a lot of spices used to it. a few of them are the red chilies, along with a whole bunch of other spices such as cumin, garlic, peppercorns, coriander dry seeds and so forth. Tourists who have visited this region can literally swear about how tasty the Malvinas cuisine is. The curries have that right touch of coconut in it.