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Lebanese food

Lebanese food guide :

The Lebanese food is one of the most spectacular cuisines all over the world.  The reason behind this is that it has been exposed to many cultures and whether the Ottomans when they ruled Lebanon or the french colonization or even its location in the Middle East,all these influence its culinary and help the people to bring out to the world the most spectacular plates you will ever have in your life.  From starters that are called Mezze over there to the main courses ending by the dessert all are fascinating.  Let’s simply say nothing can go wrong when it comes to Lebanese food ,you will enjoy it more than you can imagine it .

Lebanese food you must try :

1: Btata Hara :

Lebanese food

Cubes of potato fried till it becomes perfectly gold and then seasoned to be spicy usually with coriander and chili and topped with parsley.  A little bit spicy ,but worth every tingling sensation you get in your mouth while eating it . Usually served hot with some pita bread .

Mashawe :

They can grill like anything whether it’s meat or chicken.  The most famous are kofta ,minced beef made in finger like pieces and grilled to perfection.  Shishk Tawook ,cubes of chicken breasts marinated and grilled and can be cooked later in different sauces like lemon sauce for example it is called Metaffe . Also there is  Shish kebab which are pieces of meat whether beef or lamb . All of them can be eaten with rice and salad .

Grilled cheese or Haloumi:

Lebanese food

Small soft cheeses made from goat’s and sheep’s milk and unlike other cheeses do not use acidic or bacterial methods to produce them . This dish is popular in Lebanon.  Be sure to try Haloumi on your trip to Lebanon.

Quwarmah Al Dajaj :

This delicious dish is also known as Kuwaiti chicken . A combination of meat ,lemon,ginger ,turmeric ,cumin ,cardamom ,black pepper,cinnamon and nutmeg to create a unique taste .

Shanklish :

This dish is a kind of cheese made from cow’s or sheep’s milk,which forms into a ball and blends with aromatic vegetables,especially pepper.  This dessert is also served with tomatoes,onions and olive oil.  There are differences in the shape and spices of the different regions.

Kousa Bl Banadoura or zucchini with tomato sauce:

It’s a classic traditional plate inherited from the grand grand parents.  The zucchini usually stuffed with rice and minced beef and then its cooked thoroughly in tomato soup and seasoned with garlic,mint and onions.  You feel the beauty of the past while eating it as it will remind you of your grand mama making you the most delicious plates .

Layali Lebnan :

Lebanese food

It has a little bit complicated recipe so let’s say it’s mainly made up from cream ,rose water ,pistachio and semolina all this topped of course with Qatr and pistachio.  This plate is self indulgence and pampering in the purest way .

Lebanese food,The customs in Lebanon:

Lebanon is different from all other countries and it is not comparable to any other country.  Despite its small population,it has a variety of religious,ethnic ,political parties,groups and media that can not be found anywhere else in the world.

The Lebanese refer to the system of their country as a tribal system which of course means religious tribal .

Lebanon is one of the most beautiful countries in the Mediterranean  between Syria and Israel and its capital is Beirut.  It shares a 79 kilometres border with Israel and 375 kilometres with Syria.

Lebanese food , Lebanese customs during Ramadan:

Iftar for Lebanese people: Lebanese cuisine is one of the best in the world.

Two tasty salad are served at the Iftar by Lebanese people.

The special meals of the people during Ramadan are Hummus and Motabbal .

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