It Is Very Important To Marinate Meat – Know Why?

A balanced seasoning makes the meat pieces so soft and tender. Due to these reasons, most people feel a marinade will improve the texture and flavor compared to a traditional seasoning. There is a range of ways to marinate meat that gives a good taste to it.

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About marinade 

It is a combination of different kinds of spices, herbs, and others. All these are combined with a required amount of oil to make a solution. Then, the meat will be soaked in it for several hours to retain moisture, make tender, and to add a mouth-watering flavor. It is noticeable when ingredients such as vinegar and pineapple are added to it.

The time required for the marinade

The timeframe varies depending on the list of ingredients used in the process. A marinade can be 3 to 24 hours based on meat type and cuts.

Acidic ingredients used in the marinade

Meat can be tenderized by using 3 main ingredients including wine, vinegar, and citrus juice. These ingredients break down the fibers of muscle and make it softer. Also, they will have opposite effects, so it not preferable to marinade in acidic ingredients for a longer period. When you marinate meat, use it carefully to get a good texture.

In addition to these ingredients including pineapple, papaya and ginger help to tenderize meat. Even, dairy products like buttermilk or yogurt also work well. The calcium in dairy products activates the enzymes of meat.

Reasons to marinade

Simple process – Marinade recipes are straightforward, easy, and simple to prepare. All you need is seasoning and acidic oil. 

Example – Blend olive oil, lime juice, Italian salad dressing, and tequila. Then, add meat to it. Place it in a zipped bag, squeeze the bag, and turn the meat for every half-an-hour. When you marinade consider things such as temperature, acid strength, as well as meat size and type.

Good for health – Making use of marinade may discourage HCAs (Heterocyclic Amines) formation, an agent that causes cancer. However, you have to follow basic safety practices such as maintaining clean surfaces, avoiding excess contamination, throwing out excess marinade, etc. Also, you must marinate meat in a refrigerator.

Ancient process – In the olden days, people used to preserve different types of meat in various ways by using salt, sun, and even acids. They used to add spices to enhance its flavor. You can improve the taste as you like by marinating. 

These days, almost all the recipes of marinade are the same. You can adjust the ingredients as per your taste. Even, you can take benefit from those ancient recipes and try to make it at home.

The marinade is a wonderful way to create a healthy and flavorful meal. So, visit the websites that offer simple, easy, and tasty lamb meat marinade recipes, choose the best one, and try it today.