Important Questions You Should Ask Before Ordering Your Green Tea

Green tea offers numerous health benefits. Many people love green tea and this trend is spreading globally. The need for green tea is increasing as the demand increases the supply is also increasing. You will find a plethora of options when you want to order green tea. If you want to order green tea online, you must not forget to ask these crucial questions. 

Does the store sell genuine organic tea? Can you buy organic tea from the store without having to worry about the quality of the tea? Many products available in the market claim that they are organic but in reality, they are not certified products. In each country, organic certification process is different. You should therefore make sure that the organic tea you are purchasing is certified as per your country’s requirements. If you are ordering your organic tea from the US then check, whether it comes with USDA label. 

Does the tea you are ordering have caffeine content? Some people would be looking for caffeine free tea. If you are keen in ordering caffeine free tea then you need to pay attention to this detail. Not all organic teas or green teas available in the market are caffeine free. It is your responsibility therefore to screen for caffeine free teas if that is what you need.

Is the tea supplied to you fresh? The quality of the tea you purchase will depend on its freshness. If the tea you are ordering is not fresh then, its flavors will not be top-notch. Despite paying a hefty price, you will enjoy average or mediocre tea. Order your tea from a store that offers freshness guarantee. If you order from a popular store, you could be sure of the freshness of the tea because they will have high order volumes and will be stocking fresh tea regularly. 

Is the tea you are purchasing suitable for everyone? People with certain health conditions will not be able to take green tea. You need to therefore make sure that the tea you are ordering can be consumed by you. 

Does the online store from where you are planning to order have readily available stock of the preferred tea? At times, the online store will not reflect the latest stock availability status. As a result, when you place the order, your order will be delayed. It could make the entire shopping experience a highly frustrating process. No one likes to wait for weeks before their favorite tea is delivered to them. Double check on the stock availability before placing your order to avoid unnecessary frustrations. 

Is the tea manufactured under hygiene conditions? If you do not want to suffer any undesirable consequences, it is important that you order your tea from a brand that has professional manufacturing set up and not from someone that packs the tea in a shack. 

By asking the right questions, it is possible to source the best tea online.