Importance of Long-Term Shelf Life and Why Pure Dairy Cheese Curds Are the Market-Leader

The shelf life of any food is the length of time that food can be kept under certain storage conditions, while optimum safety and quality are maintained. The shelf life of food either begins from the time it is manufactured or opened and is dependent on various factors.

Some food items have a naturally long shelf life, and if they are stored properly, they can be used for months or years. Other foods that have high moisture content spoil faster, like cheese curds,they spoil faster than you would think. Cheese curds have a shelf life of just a few days, and they lose their squeak in just 24 hours.

For those who don’t know about the super delicious cheese curds, cheese curds are the curdled pieces of milk, left after the cheese making process. They have a slightly rubbery texture, and theysqueak when you eat them fresh, hey have a mild taste and can be eaten raw, or you can fry them. Cheese curds are the most important ingredient of the world-famous dish ‘Poutine.’

Don’t you just hate reaching into your refrigerator and realizing the package of cheese curds has lost its squeak, and no longer tastes good? Especially when you have planned to cook a dish with them, that you were already craving.

With all the coronavirus things happening around the world, you might have already stocked up on all the essential foods that havea longer life span like rice, flour, and kinds of pasta.

But what about fresh ingredients like meat and produce, cheese curds, vegetables? Are you not going to eat them at all? For me, not having cheese or cheese curds for such a long time is impossible.

If you are a cheese lover like I am, you know this feeling,but let me tell you I have already stocked my refrigerator with cheese curds. Now you might be wondering how I am going to store them so that they don’t lose their squeak.

Well, Pure Dairy – Australia’s best cheese curd manufacturer, has done the work for me.

Food manufacturers use several strategies and techniques to extend the shelf life of food. Improving packaging is one of the most significant of these.

Pure Dairy also uses freezing and packages technique to preserve the squeak of the cheese curds.

Freezing food prevents microorganisms from growing, so that enzyme activity is slowed down. Most of the manufacturers use this method for fruits, vegetables, and meats. Pure Dairy uses a freezing technique to extend the shelf life of cheese curds.

Another important way is packaging, and it plays a vital role in the extending shelf life of food products. Proper packaging protects food from various factors that cause spoilage.

When it comes to cheese curds and other cheese products, Pure Dairy is the market leader. Pure Dairy cheese curds are sourced from Wisconsin, a city famous for their cheese curds.

They are Individually Quick Frozen (IQF), which means faster freezing time. By using this technique, the taste, texture, nutritional value, and of course, the squeak is preserved.

This also helps to avoid the need for additives and preservatives that are harmful to our health.Their storage and freezing process also enables to control portion sizes and reduce wastage.

To buy the fresh cheese curds in Australia, all you have to do is call the Pure Dairy head office, and they will connect you with the nearest distributors.