Here’s Why Cake-smashing is Trending!  

Are you someone who spends a hefty amount on a cake, only to smash it on someone’s face, later? Or are you from the brigade of those who buy two cakes, one for eating and another for smashing? Well, whatever your case be, but this “cake-smashing” trend is not so cool! How can one waste a yummy cake by smashing it on someone’s face or rather playing with it like a throw-ball? Umm… It is not happening!

For a fact, some people do not like to celebrate their birthdays because they are horrified by the cake-smashing session followed by birthday bombs. People nowadays do not even spare their little ones from cake smashing. And after we researched a bit, we concluded that there is only one reason that is responsible for hundreds of cake lives lost. And that is-

Those Aww-struck Moments- You might have come across pictures and videos of babies with cake all over their body, face, on the floor, etc. Well, most of those moments are planned by the kid’s parents so that they can take pictures and videos of the baby covered in cake. And, well all know that such aww-struck baby photographs on Instagram are quite a deal. So, to get your baby some “aww sooo sweet”, “this is so adorable”, etc. comments on his birthday post, all you need is a cake and let your kid play with it so that you can get some great pictures. #notsocool

Ummm… Sorry but this is the only reason we can figure out why hundreds of cakes have lost their lives in the name of birthday celebration. And if anyhow you are someone who is not a supporter of this “cake-smashing” trend, then for you my friend, we have an exquisite cake list, that is both- yummy and good in looks

  1. Floral Number Cake- Bring home a cake that is in the shape of a digit as per your child’s birthday. Go for a cake topped with colourful flowers which will make the cake more tempting. This cake idea will be perfect if your kid loves colourful flowers.
  2. A Photo Cake- Another exciting cake-idea for a toddler would be a photo cake. We bet your toddler would be amazed to see his/her photo on a cake. And those reactions by your kiddo can make you click some candids of him/her without destroying the cake. So, make online cake order in Bangalore, Hyderabad, etc. and enjoy!
  3. A Toy-shaped Cake- There would surely be a toy your kid loves more than anything else. Be it a squishy-duck in his/her bathtub or his/her favourite car. Get the same design in the shape of a cake and let your kid cut the cake. The first expression of your kid might be of amazement, and in the next moment, he/she would be giggling with laughter. Sounds like a perfect birthday plan!

Choose any of these cakes to make your kid’s birthday special and to click some insta-worthy cake smashing pictures. Make your toddler’s birthday special with a cake that defines his/her likes more than anything. Happy cake-cutting!