From Controversy To Best Delicacy: Everything About Foie Gras

Foie gras means fat liver. It constitutes the liver of a duck or goose. It is rich in fat, smooth in texture, buttery flavor dish. To make foie gras, the duck must be ten times larger than its size. The duck and goose get fed through special force-feeding techniques. Several countries frowned upon this technique, yet it remains the world’s best delicacy.

·        Reason For Controversy:

It was in controversy because overfeeding an animal is cruelty itself. Consequently, many countries banned this dish. The foie gras producer claims that it is possible to feed these gooses humanely. As the migrated birds eat supposedly more than the other and hence it is possible to make this dish without animal cruelty.

·        The Specialty Of Foie Gras

The use of beefy duck and goose makes this foie gras dish more special and refined. The goose made foie gras, “foie gras d’oie” is considered more rich, buttery, and milder in taste. On the other hand, the duck foie gras is less in fat and has a gamier flavor and gets cooked on high heat. Also, people can store it for a long time. Many food junctions deliver canned foie gras. 

·        Variety Of Foie Gras

The liver used in foie gras must weigh 1.5 to 2 pounds. The foie gras has three varieties in terms of grade- Grade A, B, C. Grade A being the best and C being the lowest in quality. The best quality foie gras is grade A which consists of the most weighing liver with a smooth texture and shiny exterior. The 2-pound liver costs $125 approximately. The grade A foie gras has a sweet smell and a consistent color.

The grade B foie gras is as tastier as grade A and its softer texture, visible veins, and defects make it ideal for pates and terrines. Whereas, the grade C being of the lowest quality, is not as prevalent comparatively and mostly needed to make the sauces thick and flavor.

·        Storing Foie Gras

Vacuum sealed or canned foie gras is storable in a refrigerator for a period of three weeks until it is unopened. If opened, it is necessary to finish the product within two days. Other fully cooked meals or pate are storable for one year if canned or sealed.

Foie gras is indeed a luxury dish and a world-famous delicacy, but it contains too much fat, and people should consume it sparingly.