Everything You Must Know About Donburi And Their Types

One of the most popular foods that you must know before going to Japan is Donburi (ดง บุ ริ, which is the term in Thai). You can enjoy delicious flavors mixed evenly with the steamed rice in a bowl with tasty toppings that make it more mouthwatering. And if you want to make this tasty and flavorful dish, you will need fresh ingredients and the taste of making the food look good. Let us look at some of the delicious dishes that you can make it at your home too. 


Serve the bowl of rice with fresh marinated tuna sashimi as a topping. Tekkadon is unique among others Donburi is that it gets served cold to maintain the taste of sashimi. Hokkaido has the tastiest and delicious raw tuna bowls that you must try. If you get the best tuna sashimi, you can easily create this dish. If you do not have any idea about getting the right tuna, you can always seek help from the staff. 

Unadon (Unagi): 

Unagi, a specialty in Japanese cuisine, is the mixture of warm rice with the Unagi, and savory sauce is astonishing. If you’re going to Japan, ever you must give it a try with a little sprinkle of Sansho over the food, which will provide it a lemonade taste. The best time to eat Unadon is during summers, as it helps to improve the dehydration condition. You can also find it in European countries, but you will have to be very specific with choosing the restaurant well. 

Kaisendon (Poké Bowl Style)

The Kaisendon has various raw fishes like tuna, herring, salmon, and the well-known big restaurant also adds scallop. You can find restaurants giving you the choice of toppings as they are specialized in Poké Bowl, or they provide different topping options in the menu itself. 


The salmon caviar flavored on rice is the Ikuradon has a neutral audience for liking and disliking the food. Many people do not find it tasty or find it disgusting even by the thought of it. The taste of it is not the problem, but the consistency is what people find odd. On your first bite, the bubbles burst and release liquid, which is also one of the experiences you must take once in your life as you may never know and you find your favorite dish.