Do you need finance for your wedding catering?

Wedding catering is a huge part of any wedding day and can leave a long lasting impression on your guests as they enjoy your big day with you. Every wedding will look different in regards to the catering as every bridal couple have their own idea of what the perfect menu looks like. 

When integrating the catering in to the budget for a wedding, simple searches online for catering weddings prices, or catering matrimoni prezzi to our Italian readers, there will be an abundance of catering firms all proposing that they are the choice for you.

There’s no right or wrong answer as it’s down to you which option you choose, although it is interesting to know that 14% of weddings opt for menus which are related to their culture or traditions of their hometown.

Costs included in catering

When it comes to making the decision, the cost of the food itself is the mere tip of the iceberg, there’s a lot more to be considered. 

For instance, the first option to be considered is whether or not you would like to opt for a sit down meal. Though this creates a more formal environment and is a treat for all involved, the costs are much higher because there’s a lot more to it, especially if a silver service is required. 

Other costs in addition to food here include the table linen, drinks for the tables and the fees for hiring out the waiters. So all too quickly the costs can mount up.

Many wedding parties however choose to have a more interactive environment at the reception with a buffet or cart. These choices can be cheaper as it does not require as many staff but if drinks are to be included then there are separate licenses and costs to be considered. 

When it comes to adding drinks to a wedding menu there are many choices to choose from, but before digging too far it’s best to make sure that your favourite caterer has a license to serve drinks. It’s likely the charging rate will be higher to make the most of the benefit but it can help complete the party.

Financing wedding catering

Budgeting for a wedding can be made easier with a budgeting tool on your smartphone, by writing down all the associated costs and quotes you can see where the money is spent and if you need to, see where you need to cut back slightly.

If your plans total up to your dream wedding day, there is always the option to finance the wedding. Borrowing a sum of money can help out immensely when it comes to paying out for a wedding, and if makes the difference between a good wedding and a great one then it’s an option worth considering.

There’s plenty of help and advice online for financing weddings, many plans of which will allow you to make payments regularly to reduce stress of paying back.