Camping Tips to Stay Warm During Cold Weather

Want to enjoy outdoor activities but fretted about cold weather? Fortunately, with proper preparation, you can enjoy the star-filled nights and make your camping experience an enjoyable one. Moreover, there are lot many health benefits when you camp in cold weather. Also, you will feel extra refreshed

When you are camping in cold weather your body temperature drops. You will be burning more calories to keep your body warm. So, you will consume more to keep yourself active. Only if you have tasty food, you can have them belly full and enjoy the outdoor activities. Have more carbs and good fat that are helpful for cold weather.

For Easy Campfire Recipes, visit the blog There are a lot of delicious recipes that don’t need so much time to cook. They also mention the equipment need at the campsite for cooking and things you need to prepare before leaving home. So, you can be well prepared and you get more time to relax and enjoy your trip.

Be Ready with The Right Gear

  • Don’t forget to bring sleeping bags since the temperature may become worse than you expect. Mummy sleeping bags are the better option since they can stay very close to you and protect you from harsh weather. They also come with a hood that protects the body and retains the heat.
  • Before you start camping, check all your equipment to make sure everything works properly.
  • Make sure that you have the right cold-weather tent to snuggle. Having a tarp underneath the tent will protect you from moisture that seeps in.
  • Pack a mix of clothing that can keep you warm in the cold weather. Choose wool, fleece, and synthetic materials to keep you warm. Avoid cotton and jeans.
  • When you are camping in cold weather, the campfire is the only source from which you get some heat. How much firewood you need will depend on, climate, duration of your trip, how often and how long you will need a campfire, whether you want to cook using a campfire.
  • Follow recipes that are easy and quick to make, so that it will be useful to lessen the firewood usage.
  • Don’t forget to expect the rain anytime. Bring enough plastic bags to protect all your precious items and backpacks. You will also need a tarp to tie above the eating area to protect you from rain.

Useful Hacks

  • For heat, a sleeping bag solely depends on your body heat. By using a sleeping bag warmer, you can warm up the sleeping bag much faster.
  • When not in use don’t forget to douse the fire to save wood. Always pack extra firewood and matches than you think you will need.
  • Don’t keep the matches in plastic containers as they tend to break in freezing temperatures.
  • For cooking, opt wooden or plastic utensils rather than metal ones since they cause the temperature to drop quickly.
  • Fill your water bottle, which can withstand boiling temperature, with boiling water and keep it in your sleeping bag. This will give you extra warmth and you will also have non-frozen water to drink when you wake up.

With these tips enjoy your cold camp trip.