Best Fast Food Restaurants in Delhi

All love fast food. Whether it is a chicken burger or delicious fried momo, your tongue will never get tired of having these delicious foods. If you want to have the best fast food experience in Delhi, you must visit Select Citywalk. This is one of the best destinations to have fast food. Besides, you will also get a list of some exquisite restaurants to tantalize your taste bud in Delhi.

  • Taco Bell

In 2015, Burman hospitality decided to open a taco bell in Delhi. It is popular for its finest architectural design and standard and high-quality foods. You can enjoy your food on a lovely evening and spend some time amidst the awesome atmosphere filled with music and décor. Once you visit this restaurant, you won’t be able to stop yourself from visiting again.

  • Kent’s Fast Food

This fast-food restaurant has been serving its customers since 1985. Its international cuisine will make you visit again and again. You can also visit with your family and friends. It has a fine dine-in facility and to spend some beautiful moments with your loved ones.

  • Jughead’s Fast Food

A simple fast-food restaurant to deliver you all north Indian delicacies besides burgers and pizzas. You may visit the restaurant to enjoy the food or get your food delivered and make a small party at home with your friends or family.

  • McDonald’s India

Popular for its burgers and fries. Have a classic time visiting this famous restaurant. This restaurant also offers many free deliveries along with some of its items. Either you can order food delivery from this premium restaurant or visit the restaurant itself.

  • Sandburg Shakes Aerocity

Whether you want a hefty burger or milkshake, do not miss this restaurant to have an amazing experience with your food. Its popular dishes include fries, sandwiches, and pasta, besides burgers and shakes. Many people choose this restaurant due to the long menu and good experience with the staff.

  • Hunger Point Fast Food Your Way

With its unique name, this restaurant makes you feel amazing with its special menu. You will have burgers, pizzas, sandwiches, pasta, and shakes. So pick your favorite item from your menu and enjoy your food without worry or tension. Their high-quality food items will make you one more order before finishing the previous one.

  • Crazy-4 Fast Food

Are you crazy about fast food? Are you always on the hunt for a good fast food restaurant that serves excellent foods that make you lost in the food for the moment? If so, Crazy-4 fast food is one of the best restaurants to try one item from its menu.

  • Scoop Zone Restaurant

Popular for both Indian and Chinese cuisines besides Italian foods like pasta, pizza, and burger. Make your way to this restaurant having fine dine-in facilities perfect for spending time with your close people.

  • Dalliance Foodies

Dalliance foodies are one of the best fast-food restaurants in Delhi that serve burgers, pizza, and global comfort foods. Take out some time from your tight schedule and have some relaxing time in this restaurant.


The restaurants mentioned above in Delhi serve high-quality fast food, perfect for a fast-food lover. Spend your quality time with quality food in any of these restaurants.