Are You Looking For The Best Halal Cafés In Singapore?

When a person is travelling, especially in a foreign country that they do not know much about, finding places that serve halal food can be a real challenge. If you are a person who prefers cafés over eateries or restaurants but can eat only halal food, this list might be of help. Keep reading further to learn more about best halal café places in Singapore. But first, let’s answer a much-anticipated question. What is halal food? In simple words, “Halal” means permissible in the Arabic language. According to Muslim law, halal food is the food that one can consume, and Haram food is the opposite. Now let’s dive into the list!

· Pancake Place

Located in Kampong Glam, Pancake Place was just established in 2021. The speciality of this place is their signature Black Forest Pancakes. They use around 74% dark chocolate to make these pancakes. Another thing worth a remark is that they serve sweet and savoury pancakes.

· Citrus By The Pool

This is a certified halal café located near the Woodlands Swimming Complex in Singapore. It was established in 2013. Citrus By The Pool is famous for its Asian Fusion cuisine, and it also has a chilling ambience.

· Sultana Zwin

Sultana Zwin is a Bistro that serves Moroccan cuisine. You can expect to have different quesadillas and tacos at this place. It is Muslim-owned.

· A State Of Affairs

If you want to visit a café with your friends but are not that into coffee, A State Of Affairs is the perfect place for you. They recently added an item called “Orange sweet tea” to their menu. This café is newly established and serves so many different coffees for the coffee enthusiasts too!

· Pop’s Café

Pop’s café is a go-to place for you if you are looking for some comfort food. Since it is Muslim-owned and completely halal, this place serves all the American comfort foods such as burgers, milkshakes, fries, pizzas, coke, etc. The ambience is quite comforting and relaxing too.


These are some of the best halal cafés in Singapore and nearby areas. If you ever visit these places, check out their special items too! We understand that it is difficult to find halal food in unknown places, and so we hope that this guide helps you during your visit. Have a safe and happy trip!