A Beginner’s Guide to International Grocery Stores

Everyoneknows what to expect from traditional grocery stores. You know you can find your go-to favorites and when you find yourself in the international aisle, you got a few options to choose from such as basic sauces and noodles.

However, what if you want to explore and try your hand at preparing some international foods? If this is the case, that small and short international aisle at your traditional grocery store may seem pretty limited all of a sudden.

This is where international grocery stores that specifically cater to different kinds of ethnic cuisine enter the picture.

However, going to an actual international grocery store for the first time may feel like you are entering an unknown universe. The smells will probably be the first thing to greet you. Fresh fish, new vegetables,and fruits all have their own unique smell, and everything gets mixed together.

There are numerous varieties or more of soy sauce alone in addition to oodles of marinades, noodles, spices, curries, and other packaged foods. Everything can feel daunting, and you might even wish that you just went to a store with one type of spice instead of 20.

Don’t worry, though!

Walking into an international grocery market is actually an exciting adventure in and of itself. International grocery markets normally carry much cheaper goods compared to those available in traditional stores, which means your budget will thank you.

It also means you can afford to experiment a bit and try interesting and new foods. Snack-type foods are usually the same as other stores or just slightly more expensive, so you need to be choosy when it comes to these items if your budget is limited.

Below are a few simple tips to serve as your guide when you go on an adventure in an online international supermarket.

Always Ask for Assistance

There will always be a time when you cannot find a product, or you got a few questions about an ingredient or how to use it.

You might even findamazing products and learn creative ways of using them just simply by asking and talking to the owner or staff.

After all, you will often buy more products and return if you know what you are getting, making it a win-win for the owners and staff to answer your queries.

Go Fresh

International grocery stores also carry a wide variety of exotic fresh vegetables and fruits that you won’t find in traditional grocery shops. The good news is that these will also be cheaper most of the time, so don’t forget to visit this section.

If you are a vegan, vegetarian,or on a specialty diet, it is a great section to check out as you can find plenty of fresh herbs, specialty spices, and more.

Prepare a List

Prepare a comprehensive list. Just writing down something general like spices won’t do when there are many types of spices to choose from. A very exhaustive list can save you from trouble.