6 Tips to prepare the best spring rolls

A spring roll with its super crisp and crunchy texture has a universal appeal. It is ideal for a starter or school lunch taking you back to your school days. The vegetarian spring rolls are not only loved on the table but also in the kitchen. In other words, it is delicious as well as easy and quick to make. You can prepare them beforehand and fry directly out of the freezer when you need to serve them. Crisp shattering skin loaded with tender crunchy vegetables is a great way to make kids eat healthily. Regardless of the kind of palate you choose for a meal, vegetable spring rolls can fit in extremely well. This is a crowd-pleasing food that is loved by people of all age groups. You can win the hearts of your family and friends by making them just right. Here are some tips that will ensure you make vegetable spring rolls perfect all the time.


  • Use thin wraps


Many people try to make the wraps at home and end up with thick wraps that give a chewy texture to your dish. This can ruin the whole fun and disappoint you. It is better to buy the wraps instead of making them. You can look for them in an Asian grocery store (frozen section). Make sure that your wraps are thin to get a crispy texture on the outside.


  • Play with a combination of fillings


There is no thumb rule that you need to follow when it comes to filling. You can play with the fillings and create your own mix. The general principle is to have the following elements.

  • Crunchy elements – add beans, carrot, etc.
  • Spring ingredients – mung bean vermicelli is a good option.
  • Aromatic vegetables – try coriander leaves or scallions.
  • Protein – tofu is a good protein option for veg spring rolls.
  • Finally, add some saltiness with soy sauce, sourness with lemon, and sweetness with sugar.


  • Veggies taste best when shredded by hands or mandoline


Mostly, people grade the vegetables for filling. There is nothing wrong with the method but it takes away the crunchiness of the veggies as more liquid is released. It is better to shred them with hands to keep them dry and crisp.


  • Dry ingredients taste better


Again to keep the spring rolls crunchy, you should keep the filling dry and cool. You can soak the veggies like vermicelli in water to soften them and keep them on wire mesh to drain the water and dry them. Make sure the filling is cold while wrapping as the hot filling can become soft and chewy due to steam.


  • Keep the wraps moist


While the filling should dry the wraps should be moist. This is because dry wraps become hard and brittle. Such wraps will not roll properly and will lose taste. Take the wraps out of the freezer, defrost them, and start wrapping. Keep the unused wraps covered with a moist kitchen towel.


  • Avoid over-stuffing and keep the rolls tight


It is important to keep the amount of filling right. Too little filling will not taste good and too much filling can cause the wraps to break while frying. Also, wrap the rolls tightly and leave no air pockets. This will prevent the seepage of the excess of oil inside the wraps and give them an elegant and aesthetic look.