6 Questions To Ask A Halal Party Food Delivery

While it is true that Singapore is a diverse country, the number of people that belong to the Muslim community and practise Islam teaching is around 15.6%, as reported by Chinese NewsAsia. That percentage might increase in the coming years, so there is a possibility some of your employees are part of this religious group. Be aware that Muslim people and those who practise Islam teachings prefer to consume halal, even as a party meal or food delivery in Singapore.

Order halal food and dessert box delivery in Singapore from a reliable catering service. Below are some of the questions you should ask them.

  1. Do You Offer Themed Menus?

Apart from following dietary requirements like Halal food, a trusted caterer also offers themed Menus that compliments holidays like Christmas or Chinese New Year.

Asking this question will allow you to know if you can match the catering with the event’s theme.

2. Can I Speak With Your Current Clients?

Since you have not tried the halal food or dessert box in Singapore, speaking with their current clients will give you invaluable insight into how it tastes. If you cannot converse with them, consider reading the customer reviews.

3. How Do You Handle Requests Made At The Last Minute?

Last-minute changes do inevitably happen. Asking this question can help you assess whether or not your chosen halal pastry box delivery in Singapore is ready for such unexpected situations. Their answers can give you some clues on how they will handle your last-minute requests.

4. Where Do The Ingredients Come From?

Fresh and high-quality ingredients are essential for delicious meals. Knowing where your preferred caterer obtains the ingredients they use to prepare halal food ensures that their cooking will taste much better.

5. As A Catering Company, What Do You Recommend?

A well-experienced catering company knows what to recommend to their customers with little information they have on hand about them. They can suggest some dishes that take the event to the next level.

6. Do You Offer Menu Sampling?

Since word of mouth is not enough to affirm how the halal food really tastes, you should get a sample menu. This question can give you an idea if you can order a small portion or get the basic halal care package in Singapore instead.

Make a copy of these questions to lower the chances of getting mentally blocked when you meet your chosen halal party food delivery in Singapore. If you need catering for an upcoming event, you may reach out to Delifrance Singapore at +65 6874 9652 or leave a message on their website.