4 Types of Drinking Buddies You Will Meet in this Lifetime

Enjoying drinks with your friends is one of the best ways to spend your time wisely. It is not about hitting the best pub in town or having a big night out or just waiting out in the traffic, it is all about the stories and memories you can create, and it just gets better over a pint. But know that not all friends would be the same when you are out drinking. So, Mad hatter bar proudly lists types of drinking buddies you will meet. 

  • Pusher

Assume it’s Friday night and you have to either go back home because you are losing track of time. So this pusher friend of yours knows that you are higher for a long and blurry night. This friend always lets the rounds coming in and have aced at skills of going down for one more drink every time. This friend is also witty enough to compel you to have another one. So, before you know it, you will end up having more drinks and you don’t even realize you wanted it. The favorite move of a pusher is to order one surprise round before anyone pays out.

  • Friendly neighbor

This is a friend that will talk to anyone and everyone close to them. Their personality is contagious and you may end up having fun conversations with the strangers because of this friend of yours. You may feel a bit uncomfortable at first, but there is a reason why they are friends will all the bartenders in the pub. This friend is endearing, so sometimes you may have awkward moments of introduction knowing that you can meet great people. Their favorite move is to hi fiving every person within five feet.

  • Wanderer

This person cannot stay still and wants to explore every brick and inch of the pub. You may find yourself looking for them and find them joining them a new group of friends or dancing on the dance floor. They are always in for a party mood and you may end up hearing a good story from them. So when you take them for drinks, always have another drinking buddy along to accompany you.

  • Storyteller

From the last book they read to the new book they are reading, a storyteller friend never runs out of things to talk about. This is a great company to have when you are chugging a beer and want to be entertained. The more this storyteller friend drinks, the longer and dramatic their stories may get.