Why you should start eating chemical-free and antibiotic-free meat right now

Many consumers are completely unaware that the vast majority of meat available in their local markets contains chemicals and antibiotics that can be very harmful to their health. Some sellers in the market who raise birds and animals for poultry and meat inject the animals with antibiotics not only in order to treat and prevent illnesses but also to increase their weight at a much faster rate. The biggest downside of this commonly used practice is that antibiotics remain in the animal tissue and humans end up ingesting these drugs which may get into their bloodstream.

Proponents of antibiotic-free and chemical-free meat believe that by improving the living conditions of animals and stepping up sanitation efforts, these sellers can actually keep their animals healthy without the use of antibiotics. Because using these drugs usually allows them to house more animals in smaller spaces, which spreads disease among the animals instead of trying to prevent diseases in the first place.

While ingesting these antibiotics won’t make you sick immediately, it will result in resistance to antibiotics which might be detrimental to your health in the long run. In order words, if you ever do come down with an illness that requires antibiotic treatments, your body will not respond to the drugs and you will continue to suffer.  The only way to stop the production of meat filled with chemicals and antibiotics is for consumers to stop buying it and start buying from their local farmers. There’s where an Indian app called “FreshToHome” comes into the picture. They are known for providing their customers with the best chemical-free and antibiotic-free chicken, halal meat & seafood fresh from the market right at the doorsteps. This company also believes in empowering the local fishermen, farmers & meat producers who also use ethical as well as environment-friendly measures for a better future.

Fresh To Home is known for its fresh fish, poultry, seafood, and meat delivery in cities like Bangalore, Delhi (NCR), Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Cochin, Trivandrum, Calicut, and Thrissur. They are one of the biggest players when it comes to ethical sourcing, hygienic packing, and smooth delivery of seafood – shellfish, freshwater fish, prawns, salmon and fish by-products, meat – mutton, goat, and lamb as well as poultry – eggs, chicken, duck, and quail.

FreshToHome also offers a wide range of products like freshly cut steaks & fillet, marinades such as peri-peri chicken wings, creamy garlic prawns & chicken tikka, cold cuts such as mutton sausages, chicken hotdogs, burger patties along with various ready to eat dishes such as gravies, curries, pickles, cutlets, samosas, momos and much more in order to help you in making the most delicious dishes that with leave everyone licking their fingertips right at your own kitchen.

So, all in all, as consumers have become more aware of the benefits of antibiotic-free meat, they will respond by supporting farmers and brands like “FreshToHome” that choose to sell antibiotic-free and chemical-free meat by purchasing products from them. So, play a part in contributing to the growth of the local economy by downloading the FreshToHome app from the app store and benefit from the best antibiotic-free, chemical-free & fresh animal produce delivered at your doorsteps.