Types Of Bags Available For Stocking Foods

The purpose is to stock the food and use it later, that is why, the bags and pouches used for this reason are called stock bags. These bags are available in four distinct types, each serve a unique purpose. Let’s find out what these bags are and what they are used for.

  1. Pillow pouches: As the name suggests, these look almost like pillow covers kept flattened and folded when empty. These have limited space and do not allow making more room for the food. You can say that their carrying capacity is strictly defined. The pillow pouches do come with zip and are also popular as zip pouches. These are found to be used for packing confectionaries, sauces and pastes, mostly, when required in small quantities. Some people use these pouches while travelling when they are carrying their pickles and dips along. Larger pouches are used for packing snacks mostly.
  2. Side gusset: This type of stocking bag can expand sidewise when the food is filled into it. The sides remain folded and the whole structure looks flat just like pillow pouch when these are empty. So, you can enjoy space-efficiency while storing them and also have spacious bag that can carry the food in the required quantity. It can have flexible carrying capacity as the gusset allows making more space for food.
  3. Stand-up pouches: These are sturdy food bagging options available that stay upright when the food is filled into it. These are multi-layered and can be made easy to carry with the help of carrying holes at the top. These are available in zip style pouches too. 
  4. Coffee bags: Though these are most used in coffee industry, but can also be used for storing all the foods that need to be saved from air and moisture. These are mainly designed to carry coffee in both the beans and powdered form. Their moisture-proof property makes them quite suitable for utilization as coffee storage bag.

So, shop for these packaging materials when you have different kinds of foods to deal with. These do not eat up space but deliver functionalities exceptionally well.