Tips for Optimizing Your Commercial Kitchen

If you have a commercial kitchen, you should strive to optimize for the best performance. A lot of effort goes into the upkeep of a commercial kitchen. Setting up and operating a commercial kitchen is very different from a residential kitchen. The following tips may help you make the best use of your commercial kitchen.

Get the Right Equipment

Some of the most important equipment for your commercial kitchen include:

  • Kitchen work tables
  • Commercial refrigerators
  • A commercial dishwasher
  • Disposable catering supplies
  • Steam table pans
  • Food carriers

The size of all your equipment should match your needs. They should be big enough to handle customer demands. If they aren’t big enough, you may soon need to purchase new ones. Some kitchen equipment has warranties that are not valid unless you install them in a commercial kitchen.

Proper Prep Stations

Take a good look at your garden and determine how you want things to flow. Decide where you want to have your production, service, and food receiving stations. Once you have the answers, set up your prep station appropriately. Have stationary prep tables to keep your mixers, food processors and other wares.

Get Sufficient Storage Space

All commercial kitchens must have proper storage space. The amount of storage you need depends on the size of your kitchen and the number of guests you expect to serve. Start by setting up a solid storage area before getting add-ons. For cold storage, you may need walk-ins, roll-ins, glass door units, or under-counter fridges.

Dry storage is simple. You simply need to ensure that the area is clean and free of moisture. It should be well-organized and compliant with the existing health codes. Keep heavy items on the lower shelves and lighter ones on top.

Declutter Your Kitchen

The presence of clutter in your space is not only unsightly but also a waste of your kitchen space. As you acquire new appliances, you need to let the old ones go. Get rid of pieces of equipment that you no longer need. If you think you may need them in the future, find a proper place to store them.

Streamline Your Menu

Even though you may wish to impress guests with lots of fancy and complex dishes, it isn’t always a practical idea. You must consider your kitchen equipment and the skills of your employees. Having a complicated menu may strain your kitchen. It may reduce your efficiency. Your kitchen should be able to handle everything on your menu.

Get Employee Feedback

After designing the commercial kitchen of your dreams, take time and listen to what your employees have to say about it. You may realize that the kitchen needs a few adjustments. Ask about their experience and what they think should change.

If you need help designing a commercial kitchen that works, getting the help of a professional like Dawnvale is always a good idea. Professional opinion helps you avoid the common mistakes that many restaurant owners make. Professionals help you maximize efficiency and maximize profits.