The origin of pizza in Canada

Canada was introduced to pizza a lot earlier than America. There are also many other popular Italian dishes like pasta, lasagne, salad, Risotto, Gelato ice-cream that became the list of options to choose from in cafeterias, restaurants, shopping malls and diners. Pizza was mostly sold in restaurants, pizzerias and became a roaring hit with the public, as in many countries.

Canada introduced a whole lot of other ingredients that have now become a staple in the making of pizza. Some of them include bacon, pepperoni and mushroom. .

“The novelty and experimenting of pizza”

Besides the toppings, the flatbread alone has many varieties. The traditional Italian pizza is actually very soft, very much like the Indian flatbread known as Naan which is very popular in the North of India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. This bread is soft and fluffy, similar to Naan that is baked in the traditional tandoori oven. The others have very thin crusts that almost turn into a kind of biscuit, post baking. Today, they have gone far with ingenious ideas like the cheese crust which basically uses grated cheese sandwiched between two flatbreads causing the cheese to ooze out with every bite! They also have gluten free crusts and pure-wheat based crusts for the health conscious freaks.

The creativity doesn’t stop there! They even combine Spaghetti, another traditional Italian noodle dish with pizza. In India, maggi noodles is used as a base crust. Some other unusual ideas include the topping of French fries on pizza and pasta even! One way or another, pizza continues to catch the fantasy of chefs from all over the world. There are many such food chains around the world that continue to experiment with pizza such as the California Pizza Kitchen and the Double Pizza Montreal.

In an effort to fuel the imagination of chefs, there are contests held to inspire fresh ideas and a lofty cash prize is offered to the winners. One such competition took place in California, USA, where there was a national collaboration of professional chefs and certified culinary students who all took part in this glorious enterprise. They were made to use a large variety of cheese fashioned in different parts of the country such as the Mexican cheese, the Cheddar cheese, Mozzarella, cottage cheese and Ricotta.

They also experimented with the crusts such as different types of yeast and the time of fermentation that causes a difference in the texture of the crust. Besides the crust and cheese, there is also another very vital ingredient known as the seasoning. This could include chilli peppers, oregano and other Italian herbs like thyme, sage and basil.