Main differences between commercial and luxury chocolates

The chocolate bar of your childhood, the one you consumed from supermarkets, grocery stores and events is completely different from the luxury chocolates that are made all over the world. Albeit the normal or commercially produced chocolates are more popular due to their reach, Luxury or premium chocolates bring a whole new dimension to the world of chocolate. Here are some main differences you must know between the two if you love chocolate or wish to gift chocolates to your friends and family.

One of the main differences between the two types must be the chocolate price. But since this is the most obvious point, let us look at some others! 

The difference in cacao beans

Different ingredients make coffee and beer special and varied. For chocolate too, this is the case. What essentially differentiates the two variations of chocolate are the cacao beans used in making them. 

You must have noticed how most luxury chocolates proudly mention the source of their cacao beans on their packaging, whereas most commercial chocolates do not. This is because luxury chocolates take great care in choosing the perfect cacao beans for their chocolates. If this means importing cacao beans from far off nations, then be it. However, commercial chocolates are made from much lower quality cacao beans that are usually locally available.

Genetically superior cacao vs normal cacao

What’s also interesting to note is that luxury chocolate manufacturers are extremely involved in the growing of cacao trees and ensure that they get only the best genetically made up cacao. This involves meeting with cacao farmers and intense quality checks as well! None of this really takes place on the commercial side.

Duration of the chocolate-making process

Premium chocolate manufacturers are also painstakingly slow with their entire chocolate-making process. They pay extra attention to every step of the way which includes cocoa selection, fermentation, drying, roasting etc. Commercial chocolate makers need to generate huge numbers of chocolates which gives them very little time and hence their chocolates are very mechanically made.


Commercial chocolates serve a significantly large number of people. This reduces their ability to experiment too much, so they do not produce too many flavours or variants of a chocolate bar. Why? This could reduce their brand value. Since premium chocolate makers already have a smaller range of people to cater to, they indulge in creating exquisite chocolate experiences that are unique and bursting with extensive flavours.

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