Different catering styles for parties and weddings

Planning a party, wedding, or even a small get-together is a complicated task. You have to consider several things at the same time. Also, importance should be given to the choices of significant people. This consideration is most difficult when it comes to caterer and food selection. You can call for corporate catering at Hawthorn by a little research online. But, to finalize the food items and the way they should be served is much easier said than done. In previous years, there were two basic types of serving, sit-down, and buffet. However, in the present day and age, there are many options that you can consider. You can choose the style that you think would be convenient for your guests and fun-filled at the same time. Here is a list of catering styles and their descriptions to help you understand them better and choose the right one for your event.

  • A sit-down dinner

This is a classic tradition. Your guests are served with formal dinner at the sitting. You generally include appetizers, main course, and desserts in sit-down dinners. You can choose to add another element before the main course. You also have options to serve a fixed two protein main course or give your guests two or more options to select from. In the latter case, the choices are asked beforehand. All your guests are served at the same time in an organized manner. It is also more affordable as the caterer gets the choice early and prepares food accordingly.

  • Buffet-style dinner

In this style, the food is arranged on long tables in a line. Guests will have to go to the tables and get their food. There are servers at each dish to describe it and serve it in your platter. This allows you to serve more varieties. You can also have two tables running with the same menu to accommodate a large gathering. It can be accomplished with fewer waiters and allows guests to interact.

  • Food stations for serve-yourself style catering

In the serve-yourself style, you place different tables offering different categories of food. More open and liberated catering system, serve-yourself food stations are highly popular these days. Allowing you to have food with different categories, it is an excellent way to incorporate both traditional and theme-based items. Unlike buffet, guests can free reach out to any station randomly. You can include many varieties and present most elegantly and creatively.

  • Reception in cocktail-style

This is a much newer trend where you serve small bites offerings instead of a full meal. These are called horse oeuvres. These food items are one or two bites portion and are served for the whole party duration. These are ideal for smaller venues and for those who want a more casual atmosphere. Your guests get a chance to interact and mingle with each other. You can either have the offerings served or can put them stationary where guests will take themselves.

  • Hiring a food truck

Food trucks are the most modern style of serving that is becoming very popular in millennials. You can arrange multiple food trucks to serve the food of your choice. These are a great choice for outdoor parties and receptions. This is also a unique idea that your guests have not experienced before. If you can get the right food trucks, it can be a very impressive and memorable serving to your guests.