5 Things to Look Out for In Online Meat Sellers When Making a Purchase 

Meat from cattle, bison, and buffalo is beyond tasty when the animals are raised right. But, the question is, how would you know that the meat you’re buying is actually healthy and not laced with artificial dyes, flavors, and colours? If that’s what’s been tickling your mind since a lot of sellers these days sell substandard products, then have a look at the many features we have listed below that only premium meat sellers follow. 

  1. The Products Should Be Monitored

Only elite sellers like Papa Earth allow their products to be processed at facilities that are constantly tested for quality by the very Canadian Food Inspection Agency. So, if your seller ensures that every single item you receive has gone through the stringent quality control procedures, be rest assured that you’re being spoiled with the best quality products only. 

  1. The Animals Should be Raised Right 

Livestock that’s fed on natural grass, allowed to roam freely in farms, and not injected with any artificial growth booster or antibiotics provides the healthiest meat in the entire market. Also, free roam animals get a happy environment while they live. 

  1. The Products Should Be Packaged to Last Long

Papa Earth vacuum seals most of their products since such products remain soft and fresh for almost a year until their seal is broken. Besides:

  • The Papa Earth meat delivery services offer doorstep delivery. 
  • The vacuum sealed meat is packed in recyclable packets and kept in insulated boxes with dry ice during transportation. 
  1. The Products Should be Affordable 

One of the good things about Papa Earth is that they believe that everyone should be able to afford food. Which is why they offer their meats at fair market rates. Also:

  • They run loyalty programs where buyers can earn points and use them as discount coupons for their next purchase. 
  • They offer the options to customize the box so that it comes with as much or less meat as you want. In other words, you will be allowed to buy as much or less as your budget permits. 
  1. They have Uncomplicated Subscription Policies
  • You can buy from them only once and then unsubscribe or pause without having to pay any fee. 
  • You can buy from them weekly, every 2 weeks, 3, and so on – whatever you find works the best for you. 
  1. They Attend to All Your Queries

They have a specially curated FAQ section that’ll address all your issues. If you still have something else that’s bothering you or you’ve received a product that doesn’t satisfy you, they’re just one email away. 

So, do try Papa Earth products and services once to experience the joy of real taste at the best possible rates.